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For nearly four years, Oni Studios has been a pivotal part of SypherPK's success on YouTube. With the help of Oni's video production services, SypherPK has been able to solidify himself as a Fortnite icon. Oni Studios has helped SypherPK set new records across his channels, hitting new milestones in views, subscribers and revenue.


By 2020, SypherPK was already prominently known in the Fortnite gaming community, but his goal was to become the leading content creator in Fortnite.  During this time, he experienced a common challenge faced by many creators: a self-established content production process, executed solely between himself and his video editor. While the daily upload cadence had its benefits, it also restricted SypherPK's ability to innovate and produce standout, timeless content. Videos had to be concepts that could be filmed and edited in a single day to meet the upload streak demand.

To become the top Fortnite content creator, SypherPK needed to break away from that with the help of Oni’s resources.


Oni Studios helped solidify SypherPK as a leading fornite content creator on YouTube by giving him the resources he needed. With our team of editors, producers and support team, SypherPK was able to lower the upload cadence, while increasing viewership and revenue.This was done by drastically improving his content quality, and investing more time and creativity than was previously possible. Both Oni Studios and SypherPK worked hand in hand to develop standout content strategies that ensured his content remained innovative, engaging, and distinguished from other creators . Our focus was to create content  formats for Sypher’s channels that could be easily repeated while still resulting in high performance.

Since teaming up with Oni Studios, Sypher's YouTube channels have seen  outstanding success. His channels have reached new milestones in viewership, subscribers and increased revenue. SypherPK's YouTube channel even got a shout out from YouTube's CEO for his doubled watch time in late 2023. 

Today, SypherPK successfully runs three active YouTube channels with over 12.4 million subscribers and 341 million  monthly views.

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