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Paramount Pictures faced the challenge of generating buzz and driving awareness for their latest Dungeons and Dragons movie, "Honor Among Thieves". Leading up to the movie’s release, they needed to tap into the gaming community and create a strong presence on social media. To achieve this, Paramount sought a comprehensive production and marketing solution capable of executing a live event and promoting it effectively. Their goal was to align the movie with the gaming community while encouraging event attendees to share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #dndmovie.


Oni Studios provided a comprehensive, customer-focused solution for Paramount, leveraging its wide range of services and expertise. Collaborating with Fortnite's biggest content creator and Oni's founder, SypherPK, they attracted over 100+ gaming content creators from the greater Austin area to the pre-premiere party. Oni Studios managed every aspect of the event, from invitations and set design to organizing an IRL Fortnite and D&D-inspired fashion show featuring prominent Austin creators and cosplayers.

The immersive live experience and numerous photo opportunities encouraged content creators to share their experiences online, generating significant buzz. To cap off the promotion strategy, Oni Studios produced a YouTube video showcasing the party, which was published on SypherPK's channel. This powerful combination of live event and online content promotion not only resulted in millions of impressions and views but also created an unforgettable, high-impact experience for the gaming community and beyond.



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D&D Pre-Premiere Party

D&D Pre-Premiere Party

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