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YouTube Management, Thumbnail Design, Video Editing, Content Strategy and Direction


Maria Lopez, better known as Chica, is a popular Fortnite streamer and content creator affiliated with content groups like TSM and Luminosity Gaming. Before partnering with Oni Studios, Chica was already making waves with her growing YouTube channel, primarily focusing on Fortnite content. Recognizing the potential for growth and improvement, Chica sought our expertise at Oni Studios for comprehensive YouTube management services.


Although Chica had created a strong platform as a Fortnite creator, she was looking to increase all-around performance on her channel. Her aim?  To achieve an increase across views, video ranking and revenue.  Our challenge at Oni Studios was to polish her video editing, thumbnails, and increase her posting schedule without compromising the quality of her content.


Over several months, Oni developed a powerful content strategy for Chica’s YouTube channel, improving on her successful Random Duos content, and adding new, tailored formats. We also streamlined the creation process,  increasing the posting frequency.

New Content Formats

We diversified Chica's content beyond Random Duos, introducing React content, updates, fashion shows, and more collabs tailored to her audience, helping increase audience  interest and performance.

Increased Posting Frequency

We streamlined Chica's content pipeline for more frequent uploads without compromising quality, increasing audience engagement and channel discoverability.

This revamp achieved exceptional results including 130% increase in views and 122% increase in revenue.


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