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For content creators, building an engaged community has become vital to their growth. It’s the driving force behind a creator’s long term success. Explore how Oni Studios helped SypherPK’s Discord community grow to 250K members strong, becoming the largest Fornite creator Discord in the game.


SypherPK, a prominent Fortnite creator, wanted to provide a space for his 20M+ fans to have direct access to him, his content and other like-minded fans. At the time, his community was scattered across YouTube, Twitch, and other social platforms. He wanted to drive fans to his existing Discord, PKHOOD, where he already had 150K members. This would be the place for SypherPK to strengthen his community by growing his Discord through engaging activations, exclusive to the platform.


SypherPK and Oni Studios teamed up to activate his Discord community, PKHOOD, focusing on growth and keeping fans engaged. Our strategy was simple yet effective:

  1. Leverage SypherPK’s platforms to increase PKHOOD members.
  2. Engage members with exclusive content and projects.
  3. Reward community involvement to foster a strong connection.

Once members joined the Discord, fans were invited to participate in SypherPK’s videos through recordings and content submissions via Discord channels, deepening their connection with Sypher’s content. Regular giveaways and contests kept the community active and engaged.

Additionally, SypherPK collected invaluable feedback for his Fortnite maps with SuperJoy Studios. Community contributions, from clip submissions to event participation and suggestions for map updates, were key to his maps successes. 

Thanks to our focused strategy, PKHOOD grew by 66% to 250K members in just 7 months, becoming the leading Fortnite creator Discord. Our efforts not only expanded the community, but also ensured members felt valued and integral to its success.


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